Anti-air units do not display reloading countdown

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    • Anti-air units do not display reloading countdown

      I'm pretty sure this is a known issue, but I would like to know where it is in the priority list.

      I just had an incident in whichnder manual control while I was trying to shoot & scoot, my frigate did NOT fire on time according to the events timeline (it had been over an hour since the last event notification about this unit) and I couldn't tell why because I couldn't see the countdown. Even worse, my opponent shot me during this time period and I thought that had been me shooting them (because the event notification is the same), but realized it wasn't upon comparing health.

      The reloading countdown informs the players of when a command to fire has succeeded even if the enemy unit's health can not be seen and I would really love to have this feature for my frigates in future games.