Please disable unit selection during path selection

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    • Please disable unit selection during path selection

      If I want to merge units by moving one unit (we'll call it Unit A) to where another unit is sitting (Unit B), I run a high risk of accidentally selecting Unit B instead of completing the movement command (because to get the right path, I've got to move my cursor close to the desired destination and it just so happens that Unit B's icon is generally covering the entire general area there).

      In hindsight, there are already a couple of hacky solutions to this:

      1.) Select Unit A, select move command, disable unit icons, select destination. Downside: disabling unit icons apparently disables the path rendering as well
      2.) Drag Unit A to destination. Downside: You can't scroll while dragging
      3.) Select both Unit A & Unit B with the shift key and tell them to move to Unit B's destination. Downside: Haven't found one besides the extra unnecessary steps.

      It would be really great if unit selection could be disabled after the move command is selected until the move command is completed, canceled, or the target unit is deselected (either by closing the unit info panel or by using the left/right arrow keys to move to another unit).