Stationary Radar, Nuke,...

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    • Stationary Radar, Nuke,...

      Hi there,
      here is a Suggestion, i have heard sometimes before.

      It would be nice if we can have stationary buildings with abilities of units.
      I primary think of:
      - stationary Radar
      - ICBM Silo
      Maybe something else.

      As I understand, it is in the moment not possible to create Buildings whiche have Unit abilities.
      Maybe it is possible to create a workaround?
      To build a structure which is able to hold a Unit (like an airport)
      like you build the Radar tower as a structure and the radar module as a unit (prerequisite is the tower, movement is zero).

      Im not sure if this works, it was only an idea.

      Dorado Games DE Game Operator
      Conflict of Nations

      "That was not me, it was already broken!"