Stealth ASF Over SAM Ring

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    • Stealth ASF Over SAM Ring

      Trying to read all the stealth forum questions to understand each instance...

      If a Stealth Air Superiority Fighter attacks another enemy aircraft over a SAM ring, does the attack "reveal" the stealth jet allowing the SAM to engage? Or will the SAM absolutely, only engage if being directly attacked at the instant a stealth unit attacks it directly?

    • I can tell you that when my UAV attacked land unit in range area of a SAM, the SAM was able to shoot it down :P (there was no air stealth revealing unit in area that could detect my UAV). Generally any stealth unit is stealthy as long as it doesn't engage in combat or isn't reveled by unit with proper revealing capabilities. So without any experiences exactly like in your example but I would bet that yes, SAM will be able to shoot at those attacking stealth airplanes after they'll make the attack on another airplanes.