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    • So im playing a game as Indonesia and built up a pretty decent sized Navy.
      I just sailed around to Sweden and back again destorying Germany, Poland, France, Sweden.
      Currently at war with 8 or so Nations, everyone thats left apart from my Coalition has declared war on me.
      I have intercontinental up, used my first one a few hours ago and noticed a -10 moral on civilian deaths.

      Current moral

      -7 HQ
      -10 nearby moral
      -26 civilian deaths
      -18 at war with 9 nations

      So all this is crazy, my moral is dropping dramatically, im not even bothering trying to capture cities and ones i had previously captured are starting to rebel.
      I'm literally losing moral EVERWHERE. I'm trying to clean up enemies but +2 is, i mean my enemies are huge now.

      What is worse, with +4 civilians daily and my Nukes coming into play my moral is going to suffer even more.

      What do these numbers mean?
      How much moral does a unit give?
      Does a National Guard give less then Special forces?
      Can i use defensive spies?

      Seriously can someone please help me out with understanding how to repair Moral.

      Im building hospitals like crazy trying to stem the tide.
    • I guess the part that needs explanation the most are civilian casualties:

      Every unit has population damage, civilian casualties come from that. (You can check pop damage in unit info screen - be wary though, it doesn't translate 1:1 into morale penalty)
      More population you kill, the bigger penalty you get.
      It may go up to -30, that's a hard cap.
      Every day you recover 33% - if you have -30 and don't kill a lot of civilians at day change penalty will drop to -20, next day -14...
      During normal war it doesn't grow too much, but nukes and chemical weapons tend to increase it rapidly.

      To put some light on morale mechanic in general:
      Morale for every province ranges from 0 to 100.
      Every province has certain level of "target morale" it grows to, depending on province status (homeland, annexed, occupied) and these factors you mentioned + some other:
      buildings, surrounding morale, surrounding enemy provinces, number of wars, contamination, lack of resources(negative production), distance to HQ and civilian casualties.
      At day change province morale changes towards "target morale" by a few points (depending how far off it is now: province with 100% current morale and 20% target morale will lose it much faster then one with 40% current and 20% target)