Where can land unit healing take place?

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    • Where can land unit healing take place?

      I'm surprised not to find "healing" in the CoN help Wiki. I did find a great post on the timing of unit healing here: Unit healing. My specific healing question is this: where can the healing of land units take place? Obviously your own cities and field hospitals, but what about those of your coalition allies? How about those of the members of an alliance?

      Thanks in advance, my brothers in arms.
    • Hey, to clarify:
      healing tick happens every hour (1/24 of daily heal)
      healing takes place in cities you own and in every other city you have access to either by coalition, Shared Intelligence or even Right of Way. Your unit does not have to stay in the city center, it's enough if it's within province borders.
      Base healing for cities is 1HP/Day
      Base healing for provinces is 0 HP/Day
      Base healing for coastal waters is 2HP/Day
      Military and Field Hospitals increase it by 1 per lvl
      Every unit in a stack heals separately so more units of one type = faster healing.