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      + + + + UPDATE + + + +

      Dear players,

      Welcome to Conflict of Nations 2019! And it will be a really amazing year for our game - no doubt about it...

      To start off with a bang we are introducing City Nationalization, a feature which should (again) change how many of you see and play the game. No longer will minor nations below 6 cities need to live out their days in miserable squalor. Did you ever secretly dream of making minor nations great again? If yes, then this update is all yours. Countries starting the game with less than 6 cities will now be allowed to quickly and FREELY (no costs incurred) declare conquered cities as their "Homeland" - allowing you to build the nation you always dreamed about. This mechanic theoretically even allows you to migrate nations, eg. Germany to South America (obviously not without losing your fatherland, but hey, if you are craving a place in the sun this may come in handy..).

      We are also testing a new way of merging players of different languages on large maps. This is to reduce the reason for the communities biggest gripe: not enough activity on certain maps. Starting today we will be hosting a 150 player merged map where all of you will be contesting with each other - no longer segregated by language. Please note that certain server-side messages will always be in English, but the rest of your game will be localized as usual. Kindly revert to ENGLISH as the common language for the chat on said maps. If this is successful and players like it we will continue improving this experience and roll it out for other maps as well.
      Finally we added full Chinese localization - so if you are a speaker/reader of both traditional and/or simplified Chinese, please tell us what you like (or dislike) about it.


      • City Nationalization: Now possible to convert conquered cities to homeland cities, producing resources and mobilizing units at full capacity
      • International Games: Certain games will now be international and appear on the "New Games List" regardless of player language setting
      • Chinese Language: CON is now available in Chinese (expatriate) testing the waters for further Asian expansion (both ingame and business wise)


      Rebalanced Naval Missile Defense - they were effectively becoming an impenetrable shield
      • Adjusted Frigate DMG against Missiles to 2.5/2.5/3.5/4/4/4/4
      • Adjusted Destroyer DMG against Missiles to 1.25/1.25/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5
      • Adjusted Cruiser DMG against Missiles to 1/1/1/1/1

      • Adjusted Mobile Anti-Air Vehicle DMG against Missiles to 1/1/1/1/1/2/2
      • Adjusted SAM Launcher DMG against Missiles to 2/2/2/3/4/5.5
      • Adjusted Theater Defense System against Missiles to 8/910/11/14/15

      • Adjusted Cruise Missile HP to 2/3/4/11/14/16

      Reduced Cost/Time to Relocate Headquarters - allowing players to quickly recover from losing their HQ and/or re-cente their military "Schwerpunkt" (center of gravity)
      • Removed all resource / money costs
      • Set construction time to 12 hours

      150 Player Overkill Map Adjustments
      • Upon popular request by our Balkan friends: Updated borders between Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia to match "real" borders
      • Increase Playable Nation count to 150 Players (added Botswana, Senegal, Andorra, Kosovo, Cyprus, Bahamas, Caribbean States, New Caledonia, Luxembourg, and Eritrea)
      • Swapped various cities to create above nations
      • Remove 1 Towed Artillery from small nations (1 city and 2 city nations)
      • Added missing connections in Linz, Austria
      • Added another sea lane to Fiji, Pacific
      • Added Caribbean Islands
      • Added Madeira Island
      • Added South Georgia Island
      • Swapped starting units for AI nations: they have 1 National Guard instead of 1 Motorized Infantry now
      • Removed all level 2 starting Bunkers from the map
      • For small island nations we swapped the Tank Destroyer for a Corvette (not the car)
      • Swapped all UAV for Air Superiority Fighters on the map
      • Added Airborne Unit and Airfield for all nations with 3 cities or more
      • Unified all player cities to have at least 2 Motorized Infantry (up from 1)

      64 Player World War 3 Map Adjustments
      • Moved Airborne Infantry away from the capital to the countryside to avoid confusion among new players, and added an airfield to the province they are now located in. Replaced with 2 Motorized Infantry.
      • Increased the amount of randomly generated resource provinces by 1-2 per nation, in order to encourage more resource influx and strategic competition on the map.
      • Fixed missing connection in Irish Sea. (Still unsure how ships got there in the first place, however the sea province was missing sea connections)


      • Fixed an issue with the casualty counter displaying wrong statistics in the score and newspaper
      • Fixed an issue where missile launchers would unintentionally lose their missiles causing the reload timer to set-off upon landing
      • Fixed missiles from getting stuck if targets moved out of range during their attack
      • Fixed several issues with game translation strings breaking
      • Infantry officers lvl 2+ had wrong camouflaged unit assigned
      • Added missing image for flying missiles
      • Added Steam and Chrome icons to the game loading screen
      • Added a notification for cases where missiles miss their target (when at sea)

      //Your CoN Team

      #rushopulon :rolleyes:
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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      from the ingame Info:

      Converts a Conquered City into a Homeland City. If you have less than 6 cities at game start, you will be allowed to convert any future conquered city up to the limit of 6. If you have more than 6 cities at game start, you will only be able to create Homeland Cities if your current Homeland City count is lower than your initial starting city count.

      - Unlocks mobilization of units in the city

      - Increases the city's base resource production to 100%

      - takes 9+ hours (depending on morale may be up to 12)

      Wandelt eine eroberte Stadt in eine Heimatstadt um. Wenn du zu Spielbeginn weniger als 6 Städte hast, kannst du jede zukünftige eroberte Stadt bis zu einem Limit von 6 konvertieren. Wenn du zu Spielbeginn mehr als 6 Städte hast, darfst du nur dann Heimatstädte konvertieren, wenn die Anzahl deiner Heimatstädte niedriger als zu Spielbeginn ist.

      - Ermöglicht die Mobilisierung von Einheiten in der Stadt

      - Erhöht die Basisressourcenproduktion der Stadt auf 100%

      - Benoetigt 9 Stunden oder mehr (abhaengig von der Moral der eroberten Stadt kann es auch 12h dauern)
      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
    • @Kalrakh indeed it does.

      As you all know a lot of players wanted to play smaller nations and requested it time and again, so we implemented them.
      Most famous example were the Koreas - but others are in this category as well. Oftentimes new or unprepared players of these nations perceived them as "unfair" and "unbalanced" (which they obviously were and who could blame them).
      To make things worse many of these players accused us of trying to squeeze them for gold - which actually was never the reason we implemented these nations in the first place, as most paying players are very considerate and prefer investing into nations with beneficial starting cities and positions.
      It's just common sense to put your money where you get a good fighting chance...

      Additionally we always felt that large nations where increasingly hampered by their size and could not revert to real world tactics such as trading space for time (with Russia in WW2 serving as best example). Instead losing one or two homeland cities would usually lead to the player immediately giving up on the match, especially if it happened in the first few days. With this update we hope that at least the more aggressive and combative players will not just drop everything, instead allowing them to refocus, even shift HQs and return with a vengeance.
      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
    • Its a thrill and i like it.
      Just trying it out with a 2 city nation. Lets see...
      Well, i got some cool allymates, unfortunately starting in similiar situation.
      Now heres just one thing:
      Looking at my resources and waiting for the first "nationalization" to finish it occured to me that it would be helpful to have the same with a certain amount of provinces.
      Regarding monetary income to get as high as in a "normal", lets say at least 5 city nation.
      Is that something to consider?
      Anyway. Thanks for the cool game idea.

      I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

      - Alexander the Great -
    • sublimagic wrote:

      @Germanico awesome idea again but any reason why it's only set to 6 and not 10 like the top nations in the game have to start with? that would turn any nation worth playing if they could have the same homeland cities as the usa etc
      10 or even 8 cities are by far not the norm on most maps. Plus, with nationalization you more or less get to choose your homeland resources which gives you a certain flexibility that bigger nations don't have :)