Elite Challenge Matches

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    • Elite Challenge Matches

      We would just like to discuss how Elite Challenges and Internal matches work . We heard only one at a time and we also heard only 1 of each per month. We are just looking for clarification on this . Also there is no limit on Regular Challenge matches as we understand it correct ? Thanks :?:
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    • The way challenges are structured is as follows:
      • Standard Challenges are open at your discretion. There is no limit, no requirements and no criteria. Challenge an alliance and enjoy.
      • Internal Challenges can only be played once a month. This is set to a date limit, so, technically if an internal challenge starts on 25th January, you can apply for another one to start on 1st February if you so like. The date is not bound to when the game ends, but rather, when the game started. (Keep in mind, that the day you apply is not considered). Another prerequisite to apply for this challenge is that you MUST have at least 1 standard challenge in your history. If you never played a standard alliance challenge, then you need to play that first, finish it, and re-apply for an internal one.
      • Elite Challenges apart from the Rank 25 requirement, you must also fulfill the minimum player count stated in the forum thread. These challenges are also limited to 1 per month, in the same manner as the Internal challenges. The date is not bound to when the game ends, but rather, when the game started.
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    • Can one of the developers post of list of resources available at the start of a Elite Challenge match including the per hour with no buildout.

      Maybe add it to the Pinned Guide (above)

      There are more resources available than a Standard challenge or Public game and we forgot to record the resources levels on the Elite Challenge we just completed. This is needed for planning and training purposes.

      Thank you.