Planes Crashed

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    • Planes Crashed

      Had a rather large flight up ferrying to another location. Couldn't make up my mind as to where to move them so i did change their orders several times. Then i got a notice they ran out of fuel and crashed. Why in the world would the game let you change the orders if they are just gonna crash? Yes the base they came from had gotten destroyed, but i also had other flights up that didn't crash and landed fine. The only difference, i didn't change their destination mid flight. If it had just been a few, i wouldn't be so salty, but it was 16 planes, 7 strike fighters, 2 naval strike fighters and 7 bombers.

      So, is the game operating as intended and if so, how do i know when it is okay to change destination so i don't have a repeat?

      This game is expensive to play competitively. So I'm a bit miffed. That total represents a couple weeks of production, not to mention the gold spent here and there to speed things along.
    • Did you have them all in one stack?

      Also there is only one reason why planes can run out of fuel, if you lost all airports in reach, which should be a hard thing to do if you prepare yourself well. They don't run out of fuel just by flying. Should be pretty impossible with airtransports, they have huge reach.

      This game is expensive to play competatively. You can play without gold most of the time just fine and it offers even gold free Elite Challenges for alliances. ;)
    • Hi @Rhythm322,

      The thing is this, indeed aircraft crash if the Airbase/Airstrip they are coming from is destroyed. Now, if your airstack were enroute to ferry to a distant airport, and their base was destroyed on their way, then your units automatically started looking for somewhere to land and as a result, couldn't since they are using their attack range. (which is not the same as ferry range)

      The reason you saw them crash instantly when you changed their order was because crashing doesn't occur instantly on the server-side. But, if you assign a new order then they will instantly crash (even though they were going to, even if you built a base quickly)

      I hope this clears up the situation. We're taking it into consideration and added a task to see what we can do for the future.
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