Changing from Right of Way to Peace

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    • Changing from Right of Way to Peace

      Neighbor and I ganged up on another country and we gave each other right of way and he was using my air base for his plane. Now we finished the job, his plane is still parked there, what happens if I turn diplomacy back to just Peace? Do my troops there begin attacking it? Does it just automatically ferry back to his home city air base?

      Also an unrelated question, sorry forgive me I know it's probably stupid but I'm fairly new. Before I start making helicopters I'd like to know, outside of attacks can they only ferry from one city to another using air bases like fighters, or can you move them across any of your territories?

      Thanks in advance
    • If you deny your neighbour Right of Way (ROW) and he has units on your terretory, they might conquer it.
      When I´m right, his units will freez, meaning, that he cant move them without declaring war on you.

      Especially the planes, might crash immediatly because they are not allowed to land on your airports.
      maybe they transform to trucks, but if you have units there, they might auto attack them...

      Best way is to write him to withdraw his forces, then both of you can change to "normal" peace

      Second Question:
      For Helis you need airstrips or airports as for planes.
      The benefit of helis is the high damage output and that SAM and TDF didn´t fire at helis
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • A game before this last update, had the same situation except instead of parking he decided to tour the countryside and I didn't see that he did that. I manually switched r/w to peace, fighter in my air space switched it to war and the fighter started flying back (and made it with one refuel) back across to his lines.
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