Fixed: Store and Currency Location

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    • Fixed: Store and Currency Location

      Lately when I log into either steam or on a web brower to play CON, anytime I purchased anything it shows up in Euros, it use to show up as USD as I'm in the USA, I've changed all my steam settings to United States and all my Browsers, my Computer is set to USA, yet when I want to purchase Gold, it is still in Eur, any ideas on what's wrong or how to change this, once I make my purchase and Paypal shows up, it's also in what looks like German, and then I have to click change to English at the bottom of the paypal window.
      Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
    • Do you use any VPN software by any chance?

      @Germanico: try to check his IP used... (sorry, dont want to sound arrogant, just a network engineers thoughts...)

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    • I think chrimisu is on the right path,

      if rspen isn´t using an anonymizer or a vpn, maybe its a weird configuration at his ISP.
      rspen: when you go to geo-based shopping sites (esp. google shopping) what Location detects google for you?

      I had similar issues with some of my customers which were located from germany to the netherlands just by a mislead peering between carriers.
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • Hello and thanks for the replies, it's qwe75 and no VPN, I even switched on my VPN on Opera Browser just to try that for a change and still same thing, I've tried every browser I have and same thing, but it's odd that nothing else I deal with comes up in euros, I use paypal often and it's always USD.

      Everything was fine, then it just started appearing as Euros and seems to be in german, not sure what you mean by what location detects google, everything else I go to is in USA or USD it only seems to be CON, and it only started recently, and again, everything is set to USA/english on all my browers and Steam and everything i use, I have not done anything different that I know of, and I have recently re=installed Windows and it was still doing it when i logged back in.

      And thank you for checking it out, because I have not really checked it, but I think using euros is costing me more, and I am not seeing the discounts that my friends are getting when they see it in english, at least it seems that way. Paypal lets me change it to english once it directs me to paypal before I actualy pay, but it's still euros and I don't see the actual USD amount it ends up costing me.
    • Still on it rspen. Sorry to keep you waiting but we want to understand what is happening... Cause it's definitely a thing and not intentional.
      Biggest lead is our Admin login somehow screwing stuff up - another is a change we recently had in the shop system.

      Again - thanks very much for bringing this to our attention, it's really helpful and your support is highly valued.

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    • Update: It's with our CTO now...

      Normally what happens is that you always receive a country association based on your GEO IP. For example if you travel to Germany and play there, you would receive EUR prices.
      It is designed to automatically adjust upon your login. Which for some reason in your account got stuck at DE. And that is a fault we have to find and fix for you.

      The difference in EUR / USD is not big or actually identical but nonetheless we want to assist you and also understand what caused it in the first place.
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    • Thank you for your help, I just logged in, clicked on buy GOLD and still in euros, I tried 3 different browsers all same, finally it came up 20% off, so I decided to buy 9.99 euros 36,000 I think it is with the 20% it came up euros again, then when paypal popped up to pay it was still what looks like German, at the bottom of Paypal it lets me switch to English which I do, I paid $11.85 for 36,000 in GOLD, so I'm losing $1.85 by paying in euros, and add that up to the $200,000 plus in GOLD I bought a few weeks ago then another $10 worth after that, it's adding up, I'm paying more for the same amount, everything else I do is in U.S.D. I use paypal, nearly everyday and it's always in English, so CON is still seems to be the issue, I would not care or mind, as I've learned euros now, but as I said, I'm paying more for less, and I'm a small GOLD buyer, I buy for 1 game on average a month like the larger amount, then for other games I buy smaller, but I could have purchased more GOLD with the amount of difference I have lost.
    • Let me get back to you Rspen. Terribly sorry for any false positive I gave. The guys were certain it worked. Please stand by and don't worry about the conversion - that we can credit. It's more that I want to understand why you are getting this issue all of a sudden.

      Where in the US are you located if I may ask?
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    • Hi Rspen,

      Do you happen to remember the time when this started happening, could it have been around the 22nd - 24th Jan? Also can you recall how you signed up at first, did you just register regularly w email, did you use facebook connect or do you found us on a partner site like a game portal? Thx for the additional intel so we can solve your case :)