OPEN DISCUSSION: Nerf the artillery!?

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    • Well im sure most good players are use to kiting enemy stacks with their arty. does not make them over powers when played with some skill. You have to know how to adjust to counter Arty as will most other units as well. i like to think im a good player with my arty but i have been schooled by some others.
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    • Depends on at least 3 factors:
      - Do both artis have equal range? If your range is shorter, yours can't shoot of course.
      - Do you have fire control settings?
      - Are other hostile troops closer? Your arti will shoot at closest target, if you do not have 'Return fire' activated.
      - Or if your arti is moving, it will not return fire until it stopped. 'Aggressive' stance can help with that.

      Also it might take a while, before your arti returns fire, always a little delay if you do not command manually.
    • Far from pro, but not too shabby either.

      Mc_Johnson brings up a valid point. however....

      I've seen, and applied all the artillery types many different, and creative ways. And conversely have found several ways to defend and defeat them.

      I think its important to remember that this game is NOT static. And that's what makes it so cool !

      One of the main facets, in the art of war, is the ability to adapt and overcome. And in my humble opinion nerfing artillery would water down, and remove from realism, what is already a great game.

      just my 2 bits....
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    • @HATMAKER The real challenge for us designers is to design systems which are in equal measures fun and skillful, yet allowing a defensive (read AFK) player to remain in the game without suffering massive downsides (as long as it isn't days).

      We are, and we will be in the foreseeable future, a game of Long Time Strategy (LTS) and thus must always keep in mind that people must sleep at some time...

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    • Interesting topic! I myself played for more than a year making emphasis on aviation and missiles ... It was not bad at the community maps ... but a month ago I tried to make three stacks of rocket artillery and with confidence I can say that this is, as they say in Russia, "an ice rink for laying asphalt. " (an example of my stack which for a batch of 35 days lost only one unit in the attached file). And all because, really, this stack can be sent from Bulgaria to Paris with the support of a stack of fighters and provided a good online player, everything will be destroyed ... it remains only in the back to pick up the territories by paratroopers and strengthen cities from the Jihadists with the help of nat. Guard ... And playing on this map, I realized one thing ... that against such a stack there is a possibility of counteraction, which expires from the correct interaction with the allies in the study of units and their production ... how and what to do, I will not voice ... learn in battle with me ... it is more convincing. And developers honor and respect for such a cool project!


      стек арт.JPG

      Интересная тема! Сам больше года играл делая упор на авиацию и ракеты... На общих картах получалось не плохо... но месяц назад попробовал произвести три стека ракетной артиллерии и с уверенностью могу сказать что это, как говорят у нас в Росси, "каток для укладывания асфальта". (пример моего стека который за партию в 35 дней потерял всего одну единицу в прикрепленном файле). А все потому, действительно данный стек можно отправить от Болгарии до Парижа при поддержке стека истребителей и при условии хорошего онлайна игрока, все вокруг будет уничтожено... остается с зади только забирать территории десантниками и усиливать города от Джихадистов с помощью нац. гвардии... И играя на этой карте я понял одно... что против такого стека есть возможность противодействия, которая истекает из правильного взаимодействия с союзниками в исследовании юнитов и их производстве... как и что делать я озвучивать не буду ... узнаете в бою со мной... это убедительнее. А разработчикам почет и уважение за такой классный проект!

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