Unit took damage from nothing?

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    • Unit took damage from nothing?

      I have a heli wing, the 11th, that took some damage from AA fire, but it was fine, with 3 helis left. They retreated without any foe in their way. Last time I checked they were 3 and 5 minutes away from refueling. When I checked again they were fueling, but I lost 2 of the helis and the third was, curiously, at 0.1 hp left. Almost as if the full stack have been reduced to 0.1 HP because of a bug.

      There is no combat report in the ! menu.

      I checked the news article about the war and got this


      I checked that there was nothing that could have attacked them in range.

      Is this a bug or we have crash landings now?
    • You got damaged by another player - but the report wasn't correctly displayed. It's not "magic damage" it's broken reporting.

      Unless you are an admin you cannot fully check if there was something. And even we admins struggle.
      I usually find it when comparing timers in the news.

      Let me assure you it's on prio with us.
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    • ok, but the thing is that the helis were landing on a safe spot. The only think that could have range is an arty close by, but it was a single piece and shouldn't have enough damage.

      Now I just attacked a green dot, an air contact, that I already knew was a single enemy jet, with 4 of mine. Apparently they attacked nothing cuz the jet is unharmed and manouvered to attack my heli 1 minute after that. My attack was wasted after the animation. It happened while I was writing this. No report again. It felt like they attacked a dot that represented nothing and shot nothing down.