Insurgent Stats (plus??....maybe)

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    • Insurgent Stats (plus??....maybe)

      Hello. I'm new to the game (and love it BTW). Playing, reading message boards, learning. I searched for this suggestion but could not find. Could consideration be given to displaying battle statistics for players vs insurgents in some way? Maybe they are captured already (with infantry kills) in the AI statistics section currently... I dont knonw but I think it could be helpful (even in some small way) to show such stats in the player battle section under their profile names (like where the unit casualty count is currently shown).... Again I'm new, but what I'm finding in games is that the Insurgents become such a force to deal with they may end up in the top 5 victory points (and thats fine.... I have no issue there). I think maybe, for various reasons, that seeing players insurgent statistics, maybe insightful and helpful in several or more ways..... I'm not going to go on forever in my first message post but could it be useful (an maybe even have a badge or medal of some kind like the others) to list a small separate category for "player vs insurgent" of some kind) in the stats section?? I know as a new player I like to go and check out a players "stats" and my own to try to ascertain their kill ratios, units they build, types of buildings or improvements they most use, etc. etc. etc. wise, it doesnt seem like much additional code would be necessary.... just actually displaying stats on player vs insurgent forces in one, or even several catagories.. the data is probably already being tracked or captured. Maybe I'm wrong about both the value or even programming that would go into making this happen..(maybe it already is shown, but I'm missing it?) . but please... let me know if that is the case. Thanks for the time and the game.