weird bugs

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    • second day of game:
      enemy jet approaces my jet. They fight. his jet needs to refuel, mine doesn't. I take the opportunity to attack his jet while landed. He then proceeds to attack my jet while landed. Not sure if this is intended, but I had the opportunity to attack him after causing damage. That ended up giving me a huge advantage.

      In another situation I ordered a defensive unit to move after a delay. It entered in combat. I expected it to be locked in combat and move afterwards. What happened is that it fought the first round and just moved when the timer hit, like nothing was happening. It didn't took any retreating damage. The enemy unit is still attacking the province against anyone, as there is only one combat symbol. U rushed my unit back, it didn't get the in time. When the attack timer ended the unit captured the province and now I'm attacking. This is very weird.

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