You Tube campaign for CoN

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    • You Tube campaign for CoN

      I remember back in the days where this game was still really new and there was this Campaign from Conflict of Nations for everybody that had a big enough You Tube Channel to make some advertisement to the game.
      It was a lot of time ago and I don't really remember exactly what was the content of the message because at the time i didn't had a channel, so it really didn't caught my attention.
      If I'm not mistaken at the time the requirement to be able to work with CoN was having more than 50 subscribers.
      Now that i have a military channel quite bigger than what the requirement was, i wanted to know if this campaign was still active and if yes which who I should talk to.
      Thanks a Lot.
    • That would be me, all players are free to play and use Conflict of Nations on their channel. But we are actively seeking youtubers with respectable subscription counts (in the thousands) who we are happy to collaborate with.
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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