Pay to win

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  • Hello everyone, I have been playing this game non-stop for 2 moths or maybe even more. Recently, when I got better and started to expand further and more I realised that something is wrong and by wrong I mean really wrong...
    For an example its day 12 and im in Afrika. Suddenly Colombia, which has conquered the whole SA invades my continent. I say to myself okey, I will defend and then I see fully upgraided planes and infantry coming for me! So u got the point, the ability to upgrade something with gold and that thing changes gameplay is really bad. I love the game and the idea, but this thing should be changed. My suggestion is to make an option to buy skins with gold and to remove the gameplay changing options, that can be bought with gold! There can be visual changes(skins) for all the military units or something else. Another example how the gold can be used is the ability to rename your country or your flag. I'm really tired seeing players how destroy my 20 day progress, just because they paid real life money... Im also aware that the company should make money, but if they really care for their game that should be changed!!!
  • Let me reiterate: "Hey devs - you could be so much more successful if you'd make this game like LOL or Fortnite. I would gladly buy skins ... "

    W.R.O.N.G. (unfortunately)

    I will not even go into the business details. Just so much: "when was the last time you saw a successful complex grand strategy game free of monetization, based on non-mandatory vanity items such as skins or paint jobs?"
    Never? Ah... There may be are reason. Factually you need about 3 million active players before you even can consider this step.

    In a nutshell you cannot monetize a niche-game as ours the same way you'd monetize a battle royale shooter by a super successful, experienced, large, technology owning major AAA developer.
    Factually, the amount of players actually dishing out very large sums in our game is extremely small - if you run into such as player and you really cannot ally against him/her you always can leave the match and join another one.
    Think about it this way: Without these players we could not afford keeping a dedicated team working on a game, supporting and expanding your favorite past-time. Most of which is enjoyed totally for free by an absolute overwhelming majority of our players.

    That's why we cannot switch to "visual skins or something else..." - we would be broke in a fortnite (excuse the pun).

    "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

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