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    • I think @Milan_78 hit one of the nails right on the head, about how morale must affect production, even in own homeland cities> I'm not only referring to just the speed of production either, but more along the lines of what unit types can be built in "rebellious" cities. Unless the populace is being held at gunpoint, I'm sure a city with morale in the 30s or 40s wouldn't be "arsed" to mobilize, say, a Special Forces unit as easily as a National Guard one. This is probably something that may be worthy of further discussion/exploration with or without the homeland mechanic being present; whether a city is annexed or "homelanded", unit production should be severely hampered for a long time.

      In terms of the Nationalization mechanic, I too found it too easy - or rather fast - to just simply lay claim to a foreign city as yours, ending up being able to produce any unit from it (so long as the prerequisite buildings are constructed ofc) in less than a [game clock] day. Just felt unrealistic.

      In terms of WWII France or Poland in Canada, I'm sure they didn't claim any of those cities they used to produce units from as their homeland cities, which, in terms of CoN, those cities essentially become legal, lawful, and rightful possession of its new owners. Not an expert, but highly doubt that's how it worked.

      I know the matter has been resolved to a degree by now. Just wanted to pitch in and be corrected where need be.
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    • I reality you don't need to claim anyway. If there is a fabric, you can built there stuff anyway if necessary.
      Just how it works in Hearts of Iron 4 for example, so this 'relism' arguement against it is kind of flawed from the start. ;)

      And the the point still remains: You can't built tanks in a city, just because you claimed it. You will still need the necessary buildings.
    • I agree: in reality you don't need to claim other nations' cities to use them to mobilize from. However, in the game, you must, which leaves an unrealistic taste in my mouth.

      I don't recall ever mentioning anything in regards to "the point" about requiring buildings to mobilize... Of course you need them in the game, however, in historical reality, your "host" would assumingly already have the infrastructure in place. If not, they would usually have some of it and the "guest" nation would add/modify to it as necessary. This is just my non-expert take of how it would have been like. Not pretending to lay facts out.
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    • The majority of our player feedback in the recent weeks was that it was either breaking some of the known mechanics for them or simply they didn’t like it. Although there was merit in the feature it was not up to par.

      This said we turned off overkill maps together with the nationalization feature because both are connected. We were not satisfied with the feedback, nor the results we saw in our stats and they need to be worked on.

      This work is secondary to our push for mobile which has been more complicated than anticipated and needs more development time ie. coders.
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      the problem with nationalisation grszutr is how you implementedit.

      Most countries have more then 7 cities. You nationalisationlimit was 5.

      so I could not make use of this features unless i lost/give up 3 of my homecities.

      If you put the limit to 10. Then this featurs will equal small countries with f.e. USA and China.

      Still it lots off resources to get a cities nationalised (you need to annect it first).

      And you need to get it right that coalition partners dont do nationalisation for free when the regain land for one of theirs. ;)
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      The nationalization idea was mostly implemented for the smaller countries. A big country with 7 cities do not need more cities, they are getting enough resources. Small cities did not have the possibility to get at least one city with 100% production output, this is why nationalization was added, so smaller countries actually have some possibility of survival and victory. Otherwise, any small nations is practically doomed against anybody else.

      This is why together with the nationalization, we took down the overkill maps, as the small countries are indeed screwed.

      Annexing before nationalizing would kill a small country, as they do gaining a lot of resources at the start, to begin with.

      Also please try keep this thread to the nationalization feedback only, if you have other questions, please make your own threads. If you have any great ideas on how to improve nationalization, or what made it bad, just go ahead and type it here.
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      Why did you program it like that in the first place?

      Shouldn't it have just been if you have less than 6 homeland cities, you can nationalise any occupied cities until you had 6 minimum?

      Overkill was the best type of map and nationalisation was the perfect feature for small nations.

      Heck, just program it so only nations with 6 or less cities can nationalise in the first place, and once the small nations have nationalised up to their 6 cities they can no longer nationalise, even if they lose some homeland cities.
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      @Gen. Grievous Unfortunately coding in a live game environment with running systems as complex as ours requires massive workarounds and will never be straight forward.

      In hindsight it's always much easier to see the flaws - that's why we like to experiment. It allows us to take less time to figure out what works and what doesn't.

      Lastly, I didn't say nationalization will be gone forever, nor that overkill will be. Of course we want to iterate these features - but we have to pick and chose our goals ...

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