air units landed issue

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    • air units landed issue

      Are air unites, when landed, they considered what?
      Cuz I attacked them with an Air Superiority Fightyer and it did less damagem then it would have done if they were flying. Then I attacked a stack with a stack of Attack Helis. I expected a lot of damage, but instead almost nothing. I'm not sure what they are and what they should be. Attacking them while landed is a very important strategy and there should be something effective at it (if there isn't). But I don't feel it is clear what type of unit they are when landed.

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    • Pssst, Your problems are using AS fighters to attack ground targets (They are called air superiority fighters) then using attack helicopters, which I find are bad. If you can, use strike fighters and other aircraft that are meant to attack ground targets. However, I have no idea what fighters are considered when they are landed.. sorry ?
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