offline game

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    • offline game

      Just a suggestion but I think it would be great to have access to an offline game to those that sign upto been a security council member.

      Said game would be you vs the rest of the world who of course would be AI and to win you would need total world domination.

      Would be great for noobs who join but find the pace overwhelming so don't bother joining new games or those that complain about gold spenders that we often see on the forum then leave the game.

      Just an idea ^^
    • The normal AI is not very smart... I do not know if they have a better "elite AI" like in CoW. Anyway, that takes out the fun of coalitions and diplomacy. Also, if it is offline, someone will find a way to steal it.

      Good idea, but we would need a better AI (or at least one that doesn't spread its troops around like butter)
    • That is the oldest trick in the book: you would ROW your AI neighbors - move in and then backstab. Very cunning. We stopped our AI from dealing out ROW for precisely that reason...
      Also we had to tune down our AI for precisely the reason that major games were being lost to AI and insurgents. So there you have it. Just ask anyone around since Vanilla and see what happened in the "good old AI days" when we had to declare periods of Love and Peace to give the players some respite from the the relentless horde onslaught.

      We learned our lessons there...

      This said one of my colleagues currently is working on a thesis about integrating an actual Artificial Intelligence that deserves it's name into the game. If we will take it over remains to be seen.
      After all we are a multiplayer game - and AI is NOT the reason you are playing our game I hope. If you want single player experiences that are fun I personally prefer HOI, CK2, EU4 or the Total War series.

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    • Well the interesting effect about AI is that in the event of someone goning inactive you dont get a vaccuum of power.

      THE AI continues to build a strong defense to make anyone intending to pirate the developed land and it sressources to pay a price for it.

      At the moment you can easily take down AI countries with Artillery. Mean in the early game you conquer these countries and get a nice ressoruce bonus others dont have.

      Talking about Rogue Nations...That what I love about this need to stay at least 3 days in the city to prevent them from rising...slowing down any enemy who wants to conquer you (not only crush you).

      My attacks usually get slowed down as i liek to keep the country and dont have enough troops to silence more the 10 cities at the same time.
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