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    • Conflict Of Nations FAQ

      This is a work in progress FAQ for this brand new game. As time goes on, more questions/answers will be posted.
      -Sir McSquiggles

      How can I start to recruit units?

      You can start by building an Army Base in your provinces. This takes 20 hours to construct. Keep in mind it has a daily upkeep of 300 Supplies so take care.

      I clicked on a province, and I doesn't show I can build/produce there?

      Chances are you have clicked on a "Homeland Province". A "Homeland City" Is where you can issue commands, such as Construction or Production.

      What is the difference between Homeland Province and Homeland City?

      A Homeland Province are the provinces outside your Homeland City, they have no resource production other than Money and Manpower. A Homeland City allows you to Build/Produce as well as issue spies or Rally Point.

      How do I win?

      You win by collecting enough Victory Points(VP) as required in Victory Conditions. You can always check in the Newspaper to see the Victory Conditions
      Sir McSquiggles
      Lone Ranger

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