7 infantry lost to 1 lvl 1 air superiority fighter???

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    • 7 infantry lost to 1 lvl 1 air superiority fighter???

      Game name: _Henchman_
      Game ID #: 2620967

      Day 7 07:02:49

      I was leaving Talinn making my way to Helsinki. I noticed that there was a Finnish fighter and had some fighters enroute so decided to let the troops continue on their way. I had at least 10 troops, 1 combat recon and at least 9 infantry. Then boom, we are engaged and next thing I know is I lost 7 infantry in one swoop from a lvl 1 air superiority fighter.

      I do not think this is common. I do believe something went wrong here.

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    • I noticed this bug in one of my recent games and wrote to discord group:) I got reply that while your army in the sea they are bad against jets and it might happen. Of course the magnitude of damage was not as big as Henchman received , but i took like 2-3 army group in water within two rounds of attack with sole air sup. I thought it was one time thing but then killed all this guys army in the water and reported. Somehow i believed it is new implementation to not give players safely move around in early days. I kind of liked the idea) . But good to know that this was bug