Special Forces Ambushing

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    • Special Forces Ambushing

      Hey all,

      I had a dilemma in one of my recent games. According to my intel, enemy units were being airlifted into a province that my special forces were in. Given that special forces do significantly less in defense than in offense, and that I had to get offline and couldn’t stay online to actually attack the landing enemy units, my special forces basically sat in the province and did much more poorly than if I had given the attack order, but the units hadn’t landed yet.

      My wish is perhaps for an “ambush mode” for lack of a better term. It’s where special forces can ambush unsuspecting enemy ground units moving along for more damage, but if the special forces are spotted and are deliberately attacked, they will take a lot more damage than normal.

      While an argument can certainly be made that the special forces’ attack is their ambush, I would like to see special forces be able to do more in some defensive situations as well, such as the enemy ground infantry moving into the province by airlift. I think it would make sense for the special forces to be able to ‘ambush’ the enemy units coming off the air transports without active input from the player.

      I think it’d be like an operation deep behind enemy lines, where contact between command and the special forces is limited, if at all.

      But if the enemy is able to spot your special forces, and send an attack order to their units against the special forces, the special forces will take more damage than usual.

      Just my thoughts. What do you guys think?