Dashboard for Military Units

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    • Dashboard for Military Units

      Hey Developer Dudes!!

      I wanted to know if we could get a dashboard tab for military units.

      I find the dashboard tab for intel and cities very useful. Is it possible to add one for military units? I am constantly losing track of military units. For instance, I know that I have a strike fighter somewhere but I have trouble locating it. I have to check my alerts and the newspaper to see if it was destroyed. In many circumstances, the strike fighter is a truck icon because I did not select the route correctly and it started to move via truck.

      Sometimes military units form a stack when I did not intend that to happen. I can't find the military unit I am looking for because it is in a stack and I don't think to check the stack.

      If there was a military unit tab, I could see my strength by unit type and I could find out where each unit is located by area of the map. I like that feature on the intel tab because I can see how many agents I have by location. I am not sure how hard it would be, but the intel and city tab are extremely useful. I think a military unit tab would really help too.


    • Order of Battle Menu
      This feature has been requested here on CoN, and on the two predecessor games. Such a menu should contain unit designation, force composition, location and current mission.
      The location should be in grid coordinates, for example E553N297 would be 553 pixels east of the map center, and 297 pixels north.
      A scale on the map, and a simple measuring tool would also be helpful.