Capturing provinces for coalition partners unfair

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    • Capturing provinces for coalition partners unfair


      i want to desicuss the caputre provinces for your allaince parter feature.

      When i loose my homeland city and requoner it ist ist down to 30% moral and i have to annex and nationalize it.

      When my coalition partner is conquering my homeland city


      I am italy. I lose rome to france. My coalition parter is germany.

      When i conquer rome, the mroal is down to 30% and i have to annex und nationalize
      When germany is conquering rome the city is return to me (to say it is italian) and has 60% happiness and is status homeland.

      Given this feature: Reconquer should always be done by the coalition partner.

      In the light of the nationalization feature it should not be possible anymore that a coalition parter is reconquering a city for an other player.
      Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.
    • i have may be same experience :

      gameID=2637301 state Argentina nationalized Rosario and Rio Galegos older city with boost morale Puentra Arenas + Puerto Montt

      i lost homeland city make it natinalization in enemy city and after smashed enymy and reconqer back my homeland and its make it that morale in "older" homeland instatly grow on 50-60 % (and isnt not homeland status ..)

      so i have better income resource than i have may be before start becose in futere grow morale in nationalization cities and by bigger morale boost in "older" now i have more than when i waiting for reconqers and just have low morale enemy cities and my older

      just if i have "any" premium partner like neigbours its after easy to boost economy by use this "bug" by friendly conqer and back especialy by use before midnight to make natinalization lose city for this partner and quick reconqers especialy

      IT WIL BE GOOD IF coaly partner go inactivity not have it free way forever (its make it easy ambush when is UI by send unit directly in his cities and make "PREPARE WAR AMBUSH "

      like free way 1 day -3 day just and make IT imposible quick change politic status by war peace free way and not fire ...

      means givit this trade option some time with need to end like 1-3 day or on start give TIME how long and if left my troop in enemy teritory make it that have big HP lose and systematicly giv him order fleee on friendly teritory and this giv on trade options and end only from my SIDE by me that i havent any unit on land second side (and it will be sugestion make it posible this trade with UI by give resource or money but only for short time period with UI
    • game id is 2615408....i was russia. i conquered all of serbia.
      Serbia was in koa with itlay and italy reconquered the land.

      I read your support messages but I simply could process th einformation because it was there. I could see it so i ame to the forum.

      We can also do this in German if there is a translation error.
      Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.
    • Auf deutsche.

      Wenn ich mein Heimatland zurückerobere dann ist die Stadt auf 24% Moral und ich muss sie erst annektieren und dann zu einer Heimatstadt machen. Wo ich auf 5 limiert bin.
      Wenn mein Verbündeter MEIN Heimatland zurückerboert, dann wird es automatisch an mich übertragen aber mit 60% Moral und als Heimatstadt.

      Das heißt, wenn ich einen Heimatstadt verliere, ist es besser, wnen ein Verbüneter sie zurückerboert als wenn ich das mache.

      Jetzt klar?
      Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.