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    • GENERAL UPDATE (190306)

      + + + + GENERAL UPDATE + + + +

      Dear Players,

      In Today's release, we continued working hard to provide you with more fixes and general ease of use. Special attention was given to the WW3 Map and Map variants to ensure an even more balanced out scenario. Missiles have received an increase in cost per warhead to reflect the splash damage they have recently received.
      • Updated hostile ranged units to be revealed when they attack a city or a province.
      • Updated Gold Speed Up icons for buildings in multi-selected cities.
      • Added notifications for when aircraft re-bases due to a destroyed airbase.
      • Improved unit pathing performance.
      • Added new spy action notifications.
      • Amphibious Fighting Vehicle
        • Increased ATK versus Infantry from 3/3.5/4 to 8.5/10/11.5
        • Increased ATK versus Armored from 4/4.5/5 to 5/6/7
      • Heavy Bomber
        • Increase HP for Eastern/EU doctrines from 15/16/16/18/18/20/20 to 20/23/24/26/27/29/30
        • Increase HP for Western doctrine from 15/16/16/18/18/20/20 to 23/26/27/29/30/32/33
      • Stealth Bomber
        • Increase HP from 18 to 26
      • Cruise Missile
        • Increased Warhead(all types) cost per Missile from 1/1/1 to 1/2/2
      • Ballistic Missile
        • Increased Warhead(all types) cost per Missile from 2/2/2 to 2/3/3
      • ICBM
        • Increased Warhead cost per Missile from 3/3 to 4/5
      • Theater Defense System
        • Decreased Eastern Doctrine Tier 3 research day from 30 to 28
      World War 3 Map Overhaul:
      • Added new AI flashpoints to encourage some more competitive play between countries:
        • Catalunya
        • Botswana
        • Cabinda
        • Kashmir
        • KwaZulu-Natal
        • Cambodia
        • Patagonia
        • Uyghur
        • Quebec
      • Renamed "Ottawa" to "Ottawa - Montreal"
      • Renamed Australia capital to "Canberra - Sydney"
      • Added Anchorage city for USA
      • Added Harbin city for China
      • Added Khuzdar city to Pakistan
      • Poland: Major province overhaul to match real-life border regions
      • Austria: Minor Adjustments to nation and surrounding AI
      • Serbia: Minor adjustments to borders to fit background
      • Balkans: Minor adjustments to AI nations to clean province borders
      • Romania: Minor adjustments to match background
      • Greece Minor adjustments to match background
      • Ukraine: Major adjustments of provinces to match real-life borders and topography of background
      • Belarus: Minor adjustments to provinces to match background topography

      //Your CoN Team
      Community Manager
      Conflict Of Nations | Dorado Games