Payment Issues

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    • Payment Issues

      About 3 days ago i have made 3 purchases of gold, using telephone billing. In the first one, while i was waiting for the phone payment to be completed, the screen of the pop up window became brown with no infos shown. I let the payment to be completed (recorded message from billing company informed me) and i tried to refresh. The gold never reached my account. The other 2 payments were successfully completed. What should i do?
    • Hi asigmase,

      First off apologies for this inconvenience, it would be best for you to submit a bug-report titled : "Payment Issues" with as much information as you can so I can push it to the payments department for it to be tackled.

      if you have any further questions let me know! (you can find me on discord or just message me here)
      Community Manager
      Conflict Of Nations | Dorado Games