Timed Patrol & Refueling issues

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    • Timed Patrol & Refueling issues

      I'd like to see some restriction on potentially never-ending patrols. Maybe a time restriction? Those planes have to refuel at some point. They can't just be up there patrolling ALL the time without the need to refuel at some point.

      Also, how come jets need to refuel for the full 15 mins when they are sent back to their base of origin immediately after takeoff? Say, you make a mistake and order them to attack something but change your mind after they take off. You order them back to the city where they just flew out of but they have to refuel for the full 15 mins!?

      Furthermore, as I pointed out in the CoN Discord channel 'Questions and Answers', if a stack of jets complete a mission, return to their city of origin, refuel, are ordered to 'ferry' to another city, they are expected to refuel again for another full 15 mins!?

      Just doesn't make much sense. Maybe the extra refuel can be justified since they used up some of that fuel to 'ferry' but surely not for the full 15 mins!

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    • WillyPeet wrote:

      Planes on patrol do refuel. If you are logged in at the right time you will see them returning to base for refueling. I do agree that there needs to be an adjustment to the take off and immediate return refueling time though.
      WOW! Really!? Haven't seem them do that in all the time I've been on this game. Is there a set time that they stay in the air for before having to refuel?
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    • the description is maybe a little misleading.
      Planes on a patrol mission are going to refuel when the encountered an enemy, so refuelling could be described in theis context as rearming.

      Concerning the refuelling when the planes change their target, i can live with it. I imagine that the time is used briefing the crews for their new mission...

      I would like to see some changes in the refuelling.
      Maybe planes on patrol should return for refuelling every X hrs.
      But you can skip this by movin an airtanker in range.

      Yes, I know, this would need massive canges in code, but I would like to see in one time :)
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    • I proposed a bingo fuel mechanic a while back but we put it off during mobile development for obvious reasons. This said I think your points have merit, from a balancing perspective it should be impossible to create a permanent air blockade of sorts....
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