banned aount

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  • banned aount

    My account has been banned I think I know why but Ive sent like 2 emails and if you could reinstate my Doom3969 account I will delete this one as soon as I can get the other one back please reply this time thank you. I made this account to be able to write messages in the forum cuz I couldnt even do that with the other account. so I know it wasn't for cheating. I have also written an apology for all to see in the forums too. So I hoping we should be good.

    player name Doom3969
    PS I was wondering if I could get my name changed to Playsgamesallday....lke this account when I delete it. Is that possible?. If my account is banned indefinitely is there anything I can do to get it reinstated or just use this one although I would like not to start over.

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