Pakistan Map is Not Correct

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    • Hi aamir098,

      The decision on which nations to add to a particular map depends heavily on the type of scenario, the balancing of the map, the density of nations in that region, the density of cities and a few other factors.

      We will often go through a number of ideas before settling on which nations should be added, depending on if they are to be an AI or a player nation.

      When they are an AI - we try to ensure that they have at least a few provinces and, balancing permitting, a city. In certain regions like Europe, we often need to debate if we want to add an existing nation (such as Andorra) or a potential nation (such as Catalonia) off the premise that it would aid the game-play itself.

      When adding player nations, the process is a lot more complex. Player nations need to be of a certain size, and have a minimum set of cities. Players also heavily impact the balancing of a particular region, which is something we need to take in serious consideration. Adding a single player to a particular area of the map can significantly change the game-play of that particular area, as such we cannot take it lightly.

      Sometimes we also must consider Aesthetical regions. Certain densely population regions which have a lot of nations or cities (clear case being the Balkans) provide us with a challenge, since country names will often overlap, as will nation names, and having a huge amount of small provinces does not create an enjoyable gameplay experience.

      In this case, the reason for them to be added is to add more contested areas on the map. These are meant to serve as a small buffer / target in the early game.

      I hope this helps
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