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  • Banned account

    @ YAK..whats a TOS Breach? TOS is a pretty broad area of discussion I didnt have this account here until I was banned from Doom3969 so I know I didn't get banned for multiple accounts. I don't even understand why I was banned in the first place, No one has replied to my email and your the first to reply to any thread I have written pertaining to this subject. so your TOS breach answer tells me nothing and your just going to let me keep this account but not my first one? That doesn't make sense. Anyway I also said if you could reinstate my Doom3969 I would immediately delete this account if I could. I did not have this account at the same time as Doom3969. I only opened up this playsgamesallday account to be able to log onto the forums to be able to communicate and find out why I was banned from Doom3969 Is it possible that you could ban this account and reinstate Doom3969 if I can only have one. I don'rt see why not Whats the difference to you which account I keep. I havent done anything wrong on either. I dont feel I've done anything to deserve a permanent ban or ANY other kind of ban on Doom3969. I did make a couple comments in chat that I'm not proud of. I wasn't racist, I wasn't threatening anyone and I publicly apologized for whatever it was that I did I just want my old account back please. Do you understand, Am I making sense here lol. You guys are acting like i was being racist or threatening players or cheating and THAT'S an excuse for a permanent ban. I've done nothing of the sort. I should be given another chance for what ever it was that I did and it couldn't be bad because I dont hack or cheat or swear (Too much) when angered. I'm not racist. I don't threaten people. I protect them if you couldn't tell from my avatar( yup that's really me.)
    I was thinking about buying bulk gold but after this I don't think so not if you guys are going to be so unfair like this. I don't pay unfairness

    Look just send me an e-mail "--------@------.---" stating details of why I was banned because something just don't make sense here. Or I'm missing something. I'll know what to do then. Thanks.

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  • We do not give account bans just left and right, to earn a full account ban in our game, means that something rough or more then breaching out ToS happened. So whatever you did must have been more then just few comments in some chat that were not harmful.

    You are not either suppose to have two accounts, we just closed the old thread as an answer without discussion. Once you are banned from our game permanently, you are not allowed to make any new accounts either, if they are found they usually get removed as well.

    I am not the one that placed that ban, and neither will i be the once to remove it. What i know is that this was pretty rough with calling our game scam, and being really rude/calling our devs being terrible, and not privately just also openly in the global chat of our game.

    But we are no monsters, you can keep your new account i can see you have created, but for your old actions, the old account will stay banned. I hope this answers all you questions.

    You can always PM me with questions, but i believe there is nothing more to discuss here, the matter stays like this. Take it or leave it.


    Also i did censor your e-mail, such private information is really not a good idea to post somewhere where everybody can see it. You never know what users will do with it.
    Have a nice following day
    - Luoniev

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