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    • GENERAL UPDATE(190321)

      + + + + GENERAL UPDATE + + + +
      Dear players,
      We're happy to bring you quality of life changes as well as urgent fixes. With the introduction of internationalization you are likely to come across players of all backgrounds. In the past you weren't able to copy the text players sent you in the message box, but with this update, now you are able to copy text and use an online text-translator of your choice! You will be happy to see refined retreat functionality and bug fixes.
      • Retreat orders will now snap to province centers when selecting where to send your units
      • We've refined the ingame message-box. You no longer need to manually delete the 'Type Message Here' text after sending messages, as the box will be cleared as soon as you start typing
      • You are now able to copy ingame messages' text, allowing you to translate it elsewhere or pass it on to fellow alliance members
      • Fixed an edge-case where the same Officer could be mobilized multiple times
      • Fixed incorrect notification which stated that your missiles missed, when the province was empty

      //Your CoN Team
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

      "Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them we shall be lost." - Commander Argentius

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    • ahhhh, copy paste is good and was desired, thanks !

      Now, is still the newspaper not copy pastable ? It's a bit the same thing, we'd like to be able to copy paste data :D
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.