Official CoN Maps? To be used for a HUGE Project

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    • Official CoN Maps? To be used for a HUGE Project

      After some tinkering, edited a world map to look just like the 64 player map replica of the CoN News:
      (If you do take your time to look you will see countries like Ethiopia, it has incorporated lands from Sudan, Eretria, and Djibouti in the game which has been edited by your truly :saint: ! Then again, they did add nations like Patagonia, Cabinda and such in the recent patches which already makes this outdated)

      Not the best replica, but it just begs the question... Where is the original map from the CoN News? It will make Mystic's (the author of this thread - like to keep it third person fam ;P) job a lot easier to get his hands on the original. Why? For the good cause of course! Mystic created the map mainly for the reason of recording a future video on Youtube. For what purpose though? Well, someone from Youtube has already created a time lapse of the game using the CoN News which is easily accessible! So what is Mystic's issue here? The video was a simplified version and did not mention any key moments. Mystic would like to create detailed videos such as this or to be more specific this!

      Mystic is reaching out to Dorado Games to provide a draft of the maps in political and normal view with and without roads enabled. Why? Mystic would like to create a time lapse similar to the last link provided but for CoN! It is a huge project to undertake, but hopefully it is one that will add some unique footage of how CoN is played and even appeal to new audiences by sharing the video! The only official maps you have given are something like these:

      Hoping you could provide more here or by doing a PM? If you do send the official one, planning to make something similar to how Dovska creates these maps:

      To be more specific, he shows how he creates these maps in a video here! Planning to make it work for CoN, but again the official map is needed!
      To the community: if you are interested in helping out in anyway possible in this huge project, especially in integrating the map, please PM your truly on this huge undertaking. All of this is for the community of course! Who knows, in the near future, might even do a coverage of a time lapse of alliances battling it out on the tournament? So if you do want to see that, annoy the devs - not too much hopefully because they have their hands full - to release the 64 player map below but a full version of it and a political variant!
      It is either that or consider lending a hand in figuring out how create a time lapse in depth or if you think you can help the project in anyway, again, just leave a PM on something you would like to work on! If you have any clarifications as well, just ask!

      Best wishes,
      Mystic Stirling

      Psychologist by day, but initiates war crimes by night - case and point, this game! ;P

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    • Germanico wrote:

      Use the browser scaling and/or 4k screens. That works best as can be seen by @Mc_Johnsen s cool shots above.
      Thanks for the tip and to @Mc_Johnsen for sharing, but it seems to be lacking New Zealand and Alaska. Do you have the original draft? Or is there anyways to include the two places mentioned?
      Psychologist by day, but initiates war crimes by night - case and point, this game! ;P
    • If you really want to do it, take dozens of screenshots and combine them like a puzzle. There are free tools in the internet for you that allow you to merge pictures.
      This gives you the very best quality. And you can do it yourself.

      Here is an example, the Europe flashpoint map. I took plenty of screenshots of the map at a "normal" level. Afterwards I putted them all together. Here, take a look at it:
      Notice how you can even see the resource icons even though they are usually disabled at higher zoom levels.
      If you look at the borders, you can clearly see the rectangle screenshots I took and assembled.

      The quality is also awesome, here is a closeup. In the original image file (227.237 KB, Gimp) I can zoom in from the entire map and see this:

      a work in progress picutre

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