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    • GENERAL UPDATE (190403)

      + + + + GENERAL UPDATE + + + +
      Dear players,
      We hope you've been enjoying the recent scenario rotations and international spirit of play! It should be easier to communicate with one another now since the last update. This update introduces many refinements and changes to refresh the game. One of the changes you will most definitely come across is that of disembarkation time, with it being increased across the board exclusively in Foreign Territory. This change has been made to prevent players from being made susceptible to rush tactics in the early game. In a further effort to combat tactic this we've set up level 1 bunkers in all player Capitals for the World War 3 Map. Other changes you will see are; an increased Spy limit per city (now limited to 3), and Sea Provinces being assigned a unique identifier per province which will also be used in the Event notifications for easier navigation.


      • Stealth Bomber or Heavy bombers will be drawn to represent stacks with a mix of aircraft
      • Players without Security Council will be replaced by AI if they go inactive in 4x games
      • Added radar descriptions for Officers information panel
      • Firing Missiles in Close Combat has been disabled
      • Fixed Empty Headquarters icon for Intel Panel
      • AI will replace non Security Council members in speed games
      • Spy mission Event notification was being sent to the wrong player
      • Fixed an issue with the Intel Panel, where the Buildings section was not displaying the constructions present
      • Fixed an issue in Alliance maps, where research can still be done while the game is waiting for Start when full
      • Fixed wrong formation name for MRLS
      • Increased disembarkation time from 67 minutes to 135 minutes in Foreign Territory. Disembarking in your own or allied provinces still uses the 67 minute timer
      • Added Level 1 Bunkers to all Headquarter Cities in World War 3 Map for playable Nations
      • Removed ground units detection from level 1 SAM Launcher
      • Increase Foreign Spy limit per city from 1 to 3
      • Flashpoint:
        • Iceland has been moved further North east
        • Greenland removed
        • Cape Breton Island background update
        • Poland received a Major overhaul with the goal more of accurately depicting the borders and topography
        • Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia have had their borders cleaned up

      • 32 World Redux Map:
        • Fixed issue where Ethiopia's name was listed over Sudan
        • Fixed issue where Somalia's name was listed but the nation was not in the map.
        • Fixed issue where a lot of nation names were over-lapping due to their size and position.
        • Added new province borders based off real-life regions and background topography for the USA
      • World War 3 and Flashpoint maps now have sea province names designated to them
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

      "Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them we shall be lost." - Commander Argentius

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    • "Stealth Bomber or Heavy bombers will be drawn to represent stacks with a mix of aircraft" ---> unclear. Could you precise what it is ? a new visual icon you mean ?

      "Firing Missiles in Close Combat has been disabled" ---> you managed to do that ? nice.
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