UAE should be a playable country

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    • UAE should be a playable country

      The cities would be Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, and Ajman. It would be similar to South Korea and the only problem is not letting Saudi Arabia invade right away but wouldn't China do the same to North and South Korea. It would be used by hard-core players that want a challenge just like North and South Korea players. It has a too big economy and world status in real life to not be a playable nation in this game

      Extra Note: I think people think I am a noob since I am a private but I understand this game pretty good, the only reason I don't win more games is because at day 65 when I am the only player in Flashpoint Europe and every war is a stalemate since they have had 65 days to power up their military, I start getting tired of the game. But I can become a powerhouse in games so look out for Abc as easy as 123 (I know the username is pretty horrible)
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    • LOL! I don't see how you are a noob. Maybe a newb, but see no evidence of being a noob. Noob vs Newb

      Honestly though, 65 days is a little too much imho. Maps should be wrapped up with 30-50 days, especially the Flashpoint ones.

      And, yes, I agree that UAE would be a good challenge for experienced players.

      Welcome to the show!
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