Buildings destroyed

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    • ross222 wrote:

      considering when i conquer a city all i have left generally is a damaged level one army base or airbase , i do not understand why this needed and thats from just using tanks and just regular infantry
      The damage done to buildings is, in my experience, random.

      I also don't see the validity of this suggestion. If I beat your troops and conquer your city, it's mine to do with however I please. To prevent the enemy from having my soon-to-be-captured buildings, I demolish them myself. That way I get something in return for them and prevent my enemy from getting that.
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    • isn´t it changed that Arms Industry is auto destroyed during takeover,...
      This is one of the valuable Buildungs. Next is an aitrport,...
      Hospital and bunkers are indeed long term.

      So to the topic, normally when you hit and run, you want do destroy arms industry and airport because that is what has an immediate effect,
      with the change on Arms Industry i dont see an major problem here, the aitport will get random damage during the first takeover and will take random damage a second time during the recapture... this should be enough.
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    • LOVE THIS IDEA! It is just like Civ 5 where you have 3 turns to take back a city before the enmy pillages everything and turn your city into ash! In Civ 6, The pillage thing is instant which many players are already annoyed about! An instant destroy just mean an attacking enemy will always be in favour unless you place some defences in your city which cannot always happen as you extend your empire and extend yourself. Defending will never be enough. This new feature can benefit the defending side especially when they are offline and want to retake a a city back!

      Heck it might even change the Meta of Elite Challenge Games!
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