Alternate Victory Modes Would make this Amazing Game Even Better

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  • Alternate Victory Modes Would make this Amazing Game Even Better

    Hey! I am a new player, I jumped into my first game in early March and I've loved it. Somehow I've managed to survive all the carnage, only a handful of nations really remain as a serious contender in the game.

    However, I am disappointed because we are getting to the point allies and friends are turning on each other and tearing each other apart. Perhaps I'm too sentimental, or I shouldn't expect a happy ending to a war game. But I don't really want to kill my former buddies, or be killed by them. And I imagine there are those of you reading this who've played the game and thought,'man, it was good working with you but now we have to kill each other, because that's the way the game is.'

    So, to solve this problem, why not include an alternate victory system? So the only path to victory wouldn't be paved with the skulls of enemies and former friends alike.

    While it would be up to the developers to decide, I think it would be cool if, at the beginning of the game, each player chose a secret victory condition. Perhaps a peaceful option, and a aggressive option. Something like,"have 75% of world nations at peace after turn 20." Or,"Capture and hold 5 of these 7 cities (say, Beijing, Washington, Moscow, Paris, London, Jerusalem and Delhi)"

    Other possible victory conditions could include: forming a U.N. like body and drawing a certain number of nations into it (and any nation with that victory setting would win as well), a new research path for something like a space ship in civilization, gaining a certain level of popularity etc.

    Thoughts? I'd love to see this implemented, or maybe its already a thing and I just don't know about this.

    (Also, I hope this is the right place to post this!) :D
  • well this is an interesting Idea.
    Definetly not for all games because sometimes we all just want to hack and slay everything in our path but sometimes this will add a new level to the game.

    Reminds me on the Victory Conditions in Rist (the classic Boardgame).
    Wasn´t bad at all
    That was not me, that was already broken!
  • We have discussed the so called „Risk“ secret mission a few times and even have a preliminary design for a similar system. So we could potentially add these sometime in the future. For the moment our focus is on the mobile Client Version.
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