#2x Is What Should Be Done Next

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  • #2x Is What Should Be Done Next

    Ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it and guess what?! Well... You might get it... Who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What exactly? Well the recent request of a 2x Game Speed of course! Now why should people want 2x Speed Game?
    1. 4x Speed is a little too much for some players - Yes, folk have been complaining because their schedule does not sometimes match a 4x game. What usually happens is that the AI will take over and do some weird things. Sometimes, really bad decision that get your troops killed. Then these players finally have the time to play, they find half their army and territory is gone. Though one can come back, building will take too long to even come back. Plus, the recent changes about Arms Industry being destroyed upon conquest really messes some people up because everything relies upon Arms Industry!
    2. 2x Game has already been tested in Dorado's sister game, Call of War. Call of War usually hosts events in 2x which after playing it first hand, one can go about their lives and comeback for day 2 to come and reorganise your strategy as you can devote a few troops of some cities in case you are watching out for rebels, or begin the attack because you like to rush, or regroup your troops your troops so that when you wake up, you can commence the attack, and maybe even have air support by day 3! It is either that, or catch your opponent declare war on you and react fast, then when you come back, you will find your troops have either retreated to a more defendable position and are now holding off the enemy the next day, or have the guts to go on the offensive William Wallace style and comeback to find new troops from your city for a second wave! You might even have time to retreat that army that has been taking artillery shells! Seriously, an army that moves at the 4th day after being shelled at that many days should probably get the hint even before that? After playing a few 2x Games in Call of War, it just has the right balance for a Real Time Strategy game. Speaking of which... If you do want a real time strategy game, try 10x games
    3. A lot of people have already asked for this to happen
    4. The hastag "#2xIsWhatWeShouldDoNext" Rhymes! The rule of rhyming applies that if something rhymes, it must be true! So hopefully you will do it because of that rule
    We know the Devs are hard at work fixing the current bugs and working on the mobile version, but maybe it might be one of the last awaited request before you can finally be at peace. We thank you for this game that it forged many friendships and alliance, and made the Discord server a home to some players, but this is one of the last few things you could hopefully implement that it might even encourage a 2x Elite Challenge game? Ohh yeah, that is point number 5! You always save the best for last! ;P

    This has been MysticStirling signing off! Hoping, wishing, to be better and more convincing at writing... Ohh and to fulfil that request!
    Psychologist by day, but initiates war crimes by night - case and point, this game! ;P

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  • My top ten x games I want next
    1. x2 #2xiswhatweshoulddonext
    2. x24
    3. x86400 I did the math correctly (I think) and this would allow you to play the average 60 day game in 1 hour, the only problem is you would make players inactive if they went out for 1-5 minutes
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  • Having events over x4 can be to the detriment of performance. We'll see about 2x, last we tried it didn't perform well in terms of player-stats.
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  • @MysticStirling starting a post in blue (yeah - I used to play WOW too you know) and writing "Ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it and guess what?! Well... You might get it." essentially constitutes a breach of our ToS because it can be read as coming from us DEVs. Not to mention speaking about "we" in the header.

    I am sure you did not intend it this way so please just make sure to not repeat. Thanks.

    concerning the post itself:

    1) AI does NOT take over 4x games any longer in running and new matches. This was changed recently.

    2) FYI - we actually floated 2x before COW and did not find it worked well for CON - so we are naturally hesitant. Just because there is a vocal minority of one proclaiming it will, does not make it more true.

    This said we are always open for experimentation and are considering setting up an event to see how it goes this time around. TBD.

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  • @Caminhante_BR Out of topic, but to answer your question the Overkill map is an event map which means it isn't always available.
    That being said stay tuned for future content, it will be back sooner or later, in one shape or another.

    Dorado Games
    Conflict Of Nations

    "Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them we shall be lost." - Commander Argentius