Looking for a realistic, "RolePlay" Gameplay

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    • Looking for a realistic, "RolePlay" Gameplay

      Hello everyone!
      I've played CoN, CoW and also Supremacy for really long time, but I really miss one thing - the realism.
      I'm really tired of players, who, on the first day of game, just rush into another country with all their units, leaving their territory empty - without any reasons. I think, all of you know players like this. Or another case - players just spamming weird 'news' into 'The News' section, mostly with horrible grammar.
      So what I'm searching for is realism - I want to play a game, which can lasts really long but players won't attack any countries without given reason and stuff; who will also use 'The News' section properly and who will not abandon game after 3 days of playing.
      If you're into realism text me! I want to join game or alliance, based on these simple rules. Or if you know, if somebody already admins game, that is based on realism (doesn't mind if it lasts already for couple of days), let me know!
      Thank you all!
    • I'm into realism just not in public matches ^^ , if I was in a roleplay game I could be pretty realistic, so being in a roleplay game would be great for me too. :thumbup:
      If you make it, I call Nigeria!
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