Goldfree Rounds

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  • Goldfree Rounds


    Just had my 3rd Partie destoryed y a rookie who paid 20 € to boost himself into nuclear power and blasted my 7 homeland cites away....

    3 weeks off honest play into the bin.

    i love this game...but with rockets it it to easy to destroy the fun with a couple of EUR....

    Can you please make it a option off High Council to have gold free rounds? Then i will happyly pay the yearly 50 € to support yor team and to enjoy a fairplay game.
    Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.
  • Sorry, but no can-do. Often discussed and explained - we are not Fortnite and never will be.

    This said, you can always get into an Alliance and play with them - they usually use no gold.
    Additionally we offer Alliance ELITE maps for Rank 25 + members which are guaranteed gold free.


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