6 suggestions

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    • 6 suggestions

      1 - satellite picture.
      using gold or a lot of monye, whould be possible to take a picture of all units on some area. not the kind of unit, but the spots.

      2 - subs must be detected on surface during 1h every day. it has to recharge batteries.

      3 - Drones need to have less flying time. it has batteries. can't stay on air alltime. and range must be reduced. its unrealistric.

      4 - rogue state can't be considered as a war. And after conquering all cities roma target countr, it must have a smaller impact on the attacker moral. Can't be the same impact as a full country.

      5 SAAC unit is too resistant to anti air. some players are using it to force a reload on anti air and attack it using jets. it's unrealistic. SAACs must be a easy target.

      6 option of escort. can add jets to escort SAACs, helicopters and transport troops and user can see an icon of escort. it means that any attack will target first the scort units. About icons, game is missing icons about as much defense the bunker is adding to units, officces, etc. there is no icons to represent the defense or attack bonus on stack units or bunkered units
    • 1) you can always take a screenshot....
      2) not ww2 - today subs don't need to surface daily, not even classical diesel subs
      3) Please read up on drones - they are in the air for days and often operate globally now.
      4) smaller than country? I would very much disagree - being at war with ISIS or DAESH surely was more of a public problem for eg US then being at war with the country of Iraq.
      5) Hm interesting - will check it out - thx
      6) escorts already work that way - they will suffer more than the escorted units.

      Bunkers/Entrenchment actually have icons in the province bar - just saying. And bunkers do not show for enemies because they are secret (feature).
      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
    • 1 - i mean take a picture of enemy area. like a Satellite picture. using this feature i can know about any are on the map.

      it can also be a new product for the company. SATTELITE IMAGE SPY. a big vantage for the user? depend of the size of the targeted area.

      let me explain better about the question 4

      for example, i occuped all territories from Chile, except one small isle. i still get same penality as the begin of war. That makes no sense. The enemy haven't any capital, any city... just a small isle. Maybe it should be changed to a lower penality... just a suggestion.

      About bankers: it miss an icon on the troops. For example if i put 50 troops there. is it going to loss efficiency? how much?
      officer is the same. when i make a big stack with an officer, it say efficiency of 71%. but is the bonus included ?

      other thing is: ... when i stake units, i have no way to see the lofe of the units. i need to separate every unit and check it. its missing a function like mouse over to see the life of my staked units.

      I'd liek to ask you if some countries have bonus, like US navy or Russian helicopters...?

      Are you going to add new weapons? like mines or option to make bridges?

      And for the last, why don't add a sms feature? player can get a message if he is under attack. maybe it can be a new product.

      thanks for your patience, Germano