Higher unit maintanance costs for countries at war

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  • Higher unit maintanance costs for countries at war


    how about increasing the costs of maintaining units for countries that are in war? This would be additional to the moral minus. Could even be mutliplied with the countries.

    The units need more petrol more ammunition and so an....especially in comparison to a country where the units just sit there getting fat and lazy.
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  • I understand it this way:
    You are in war with 2 countries? Double all your unit maintenance costs! An infantry that takes 15t fuel per day now takes 30t fuel per day!
    You are in war with 3 countries? Triple - , , -

    I dont think it matters that much, nor changes a lot. Since unit maintenance is rather low and only matters in late game. It would rather be a nuissance than add anything to the game. I would rather want the Devs to spend their time on more important things.

    About increasing the unit upkeep in general. Right now the upkeep doesnt have a lot of impact in mid/early game.

    Day 21 I have those units:
    1 Air sup
    7 mot Infantries
    1 recon
    1 towed arti
    17 AFVs
    12 mech infs
    15 mobile AA

    which makes a combined unit upkeep/day of:
    5340 money
    2025 man power
    2020 fuel
    35 electronics
    2155 supplies
    1275 components

    Comparing to my economy, it is about 10-20% of my production.

    Increasing the unit upkeep means having less resources. I doubt many players like that.

    Trying to tie the army size to the size of the players empire likely wont work that way (your economy is only so great, you can only afford so many units). Rather players will produce more and more and left frustated with too few ressources to work with afterwards.
  • I would agree, but early game is my economy is always suffering, this would just choke small countries ecomomies early game. So that small countries don't have a chance and only the U.S, Russia, China, U.K, Poland, Brazil, etc have a chance
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