Suggested Rules for a new tournament

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    • Suggested Rules for a new tournament

      1. One single elite map and the objective is to win

      This is what CoN is about, joining a map and then win it. Nobody cares how you do it(which units, which playstyle) and how long you take, what counts is the W.
      A proper tournament is competitive and aims to find out the best player (of the tournament).

      For the map, take the 64 player elite world map, it is somewhat balanced and allows for more player than the 32 player world map. If we opt for random nations, please take N. and S. Korea with admin accounts so that no players has the bad luck to own either country.
      What if there are more than 62 registrations? Unlikely, even Call of Wars (who has a much larger player base) monthly events have less than 62 players. And even if we have more than 62 registrations, like last round, how many turn up? Less than 62. Even if its more, first come first serve. I strongly doubt that 62 registrations or 62 players joining the map happens within few hours, rather it takes at least 12 hours. So to participate in an event "first come first serve" it requires no luck but merely activity.

      I would rather have a weaker country than not being able to fight other players because they are on another map.

      2. Pre-Chosen Teams

      The Tournament has Teams of up to X, chose between 2, 3, 4 or 5. Preferably 3-5.
      Already during the registrations, the players have to registrate as a team. (As a team of 1 player also works)
      Only X number of members of an alliance can participate, and they have to be in the same team.
      All Team members must be in the same coalition at all times.

      This way, it is absolutely clear which teams are out there. Alliances cant do any shady business since their numbers are limited and are forced to play together.

      3. Either random countries or free choice

      Free choice only works if the time when the map will be open to join is announced and whoever opens it is punctual. So the players dont need to constantly check their mail if the map is open to join.

      Random countries has the only draw back that a lot of luck will be involved, many teams will be spreadout throughout several continents, while others might get lucky and spawn next to eachother, granting them a significant advantage.

      4. Absolutely no agreements between Teams

      The Teams are clear, set in stone, and non-changeable. There should be no reason for teams to team up, forming even bigger teams. Any form of agreement between teams has to be forbiddon. Shared Intel? Right of Way? NAP? Coordinate an attack on another team? Share informations(country X has ships here)? Everything forbiddon.
      I would even go as far to say that every player has to declare war on every other team. Afterall, it is a war game and we are supposed to fight each other. Also, being in a state of war makes cooperation between Teams harder.
      The morale may take a toll, but in an elite match, resources are plenty anyways. And lets not forget, every player has the same morale penalties.

      5. Every players objective is to play for the win, and not to annihilate certain players.

      Ultimatively, when brazil and saudi arabia attack south africa, you know something is up. These countries arent playing for the win, they are playing to eradicate a certain player off the map. It is up for the team to decide whether someone acted in such a way.

      6. Anonymous leaders are broken

      Whethere this option is on or off, as long its not fixed, anyone has an easy time figuring out who is who.
      Here is how:
      A) In the map, go to the diplomacy, and then country info. You may not see the player name, but you can see his Level and XP bar. Afterwards you go to the CoN website, your games, map infos, you can see all the players in that game and their Level and XP bar. Combine these two infos and you know which players has which country. Alternatively you can look in the rankings to see which players have this level and this XP bar.
      B) Be one of the first players to join the map. Take a look at the newspaper, everytime a new player joins, the name of the country is mentioned. Just like in A) you take a look at the map details, see the player list, and you will notice that a player name has been added to the list (its the newly joined player, the guy that just joined, it is mentioned in the newspaper which country just got a new leader).

      -> Remove the Level and XP bar from the country profile in anonymous rounds. Also remove the player list in map infos. Supremacy did it, CoN can do it too.

      7. Peace Period of at least 24hrs, including AI

      This allows for every player to make at least their opening turn before being overrunned, or before another country takes advantage of a neighbouring AI.

      8. The winner is the winner of the map, default CoN rules.

      The map likely takes longer than a month. Its okay.

      These rules allow for a competitive and fair tournament without having the organizer investing too much time.