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    • Become a member of the support team!

      Dear Community,

      We are Currently looking to increase the numbers in our staff team!

      A position on the staff team requires you to be professional in all decisions you make, and for you to be dedicated on making this game a better place. You must be effective and fair.

      As a Moderator, your main focus will be on the chat and forums. A moderator is there to guide and
      help the community. If a question is asked in chat or in the forum, you should be there to help the user.

      You will inevitably make mistakes in the course of your Moderation career. We use a skype group to communicate and to help each other. The chatroom will help you improve your work, only through open criticism from the team itself. From that you can then adjust accordingly.

      Additionally, it is mandatory that you listen to the criticism of the users, because it is for those users and the game that you want to improve your moderation.

      There are no pure Chat Moderators, because all Moderators must be active on both means of communication from the community.

      A Game Operator will mainly focus on processing user tickets for in game issue.

      What responsibilities come with the job?
      • Examining various user concerns
      • Correspondence with players/customers
      • Participation in team meetings

      What requirements must be met to be on the team?
      • At least 18 years old
      • Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner
      • Ability to work well in a team. Knowledgeable about game mechanics
      • Willingness to learn
      • Ability to work efficiently and be reliable
      • Have and use a skype account
      What to expect upon being hired?
      • Learning the job from an experienced staff member before you are expected to maintain weekly goals.
      • Getting to know the rest of the support staff and learning how to enforce chat/forum rules.
      • You will be given additional rights for the forum, the chat and the support software.

      How to Apply:

      Send an application to the Team Lead of your language. If you're havin trouble finding the right person to send your application to, you can send it to me, @Aeblemost (Community Coordinator), and I will forward it to the correct Team Lead. Your application should be sent through either the Conflict of Nations’ website private message system, or through a private message in the Forum. These are the only places that applications will be accepted. If you reply to this post, it will be deleted.

      Please read requirements listed below carefully.

      Your application should contain the following:
      • Why do you want to join the support staff team?
      • Have you previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game?
      • How well do you know the game mechanics?
      • Why should you be selected?
      • What distinguishes you from the rest?
      • Age?
      • Which language/server do you wish to work for
      • Your skype name (as you will be contacted here).

      Any other information that you think will help you stand out and increase our consideration of you is more welcome!

      Good Luck and thank you for the interest
      Community Coordinator
      Conflict Of Nations | Dorado Games

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