What is a rogue state, and how do I fix it?

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    • Rogue State is essentially a city or region that has fallen into a state of anarchy.

      No nation governs it.

      You can only prevent it by stationing troops in regions where morale is at or below 33%. You need to station enough troops so the chance of insurgency falls to zero.

      Its hardly worth it in provinces where the chance of insurgency never gets above 3%. Cities are a different matter as chance of insurgency can get very high.

      Morale rises once per day ... 1605 PDT or 2305Z. Usually a province morale will rise above 33%. The kicker is that a city will only rise above 33% if it is annexed. Annexation takes 24 hours ... so depending on when you capture it your troops are there from 24:01 to 48:00 hours.

      There is no way to make morale rise faster without gold.

      If a city or region goes rogue it is in your best interests to end the rebellion and reoccupy the territory as soon as possible. Every day there is another chance of revolt and the number of revolting peasants rises.

      I recently invaded North America. I managed to destroy all armies belonging to Canada and USA with minimal losses. In the process, I had to capture 3 cities that had gone rogue a long time before I invaded. I lost more units taking out rogue fighters than I did fighting the enemy formations.

      This stuff is based on my observations. I'm a relatively new player and might not have all the details correct.

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