Supporting a nation at war

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    • Supporting a nation at war

      Hi, here is a nice suggestion.
      when a country is a war some other nations can have interest in this war but do not wish to fully ally with one side,
      as a solution to that a new feature can be added to "support" this nation in several ways,
      1. lend your troops to the war (with high autonomy, requires "right of the way")
      2. morale boosts to cites and provinces (quite costly, requires air force and price goes up with population)
      3. help with maintenance of troops/healing to troops on the field (not troops that are correctly fighting that's just unfair)
      4.temporary usage of more advanced technologies (not new units)(cost is the mobalization cost diffrance for each unit improved unit)(the contributor gives a sum of resources and technology while the supported nation chooses what units to improve without giving the contributor know which ones and what technology he uses directly)

      the supporter can be public, anonymous to all countries or just people outside alliance or even anonymous to the supported nation (highly increased cost for last one)

      if there are others way i haven't thought of them yet so i may edit it later

      (im told that there is a "similar thread" to this one called "DEVELOPER DIARY 9: A STORMS A-COMING" but i read it and it not about same stuff as mine does it matter?)
      A Third War Approaches, and the Strong Will Rise from the Corpses.
      A New Order... CHAOS

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    • Well lets go through this points:

      1.) Sorry, this won´t happen. Things like "lend and lease" lead to massive missuse and will encourage multi-accounts
      2.) hmm, PsyOps is quite interesting, partly this is covered by the corruption / sabotage spy mission
      3.) Support / Maintenance / Healing wouldn´t be covert in reality, so give ROW and let the Troops move to your hospitals. They will heal there
      4.) see 1.)

      especially point 2 might be interesting, maybe we can change the corruption spy to be able to lift morale, but i think this is the only thing we can think of...
      That was not me, that was already broken!