Where can I report player?

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  • please fill in an ingame bug report.
    This is the fastest way to get someone look after this.
    (The Cogwheel down right expands an menue. There hit the Bug)

    Please be informed, that we tolerate rude behaviour up to some level,
    you can fill in the report anywhay, but don´t be disappointed when your insultant is only warned, if ever...
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  • Playing highly immersive and emotionally challenging player vs player games can cause players to vent steam or go ballistic. This is to be expected and tolerated to a certain level.
    Generally if a player keeps it in the match and does not let it spill over to the global chat, forum etc we tend to let him get away with it. There are exceptions obviously.

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  • Good luck reporting someone. I reported someone directly to a mod on Discord for threatening to ddos me and "melt my computer" (which I knew he was full of shit, but I was just 1 of several he threatened) and was told that mod was too busy and that I should just deal with it. Sadly, if you dont spend enough cash here, you dont really matter. The Devs and mods will fight this notion, but everything they do proves it.
  • ok, and now this thread reached the point where it is better to close it.

    just for the protocol:
    i´m pretty sure CoN is not a Vector through which it is possible to throw a DDOS Attack to an enemy Player.
    I might be wrong, anybody is free to tell em how it could work (im really intersted becaus this is part of my business) or prove the opposite.
    Also im tired of the usual lamentations: "the devs (praise the developers) are only helping those who pay"
    The Devs (praise the devs [again]) have created a game free to play for everyone regarless how smart, stupid, rich, poor, old or young he, she or it is.
    The Support Team is mainly doing a good job and are spending their time to help Players all over the world to enjoy the Game.
    Of course, spenders are paying the bills, but also guys without any $ spent are getting support.

    As Germanico (who is doin an incredible Job) already stated, It is quite normal for Players that they are going aggro when the lcuk turns against them.
    We are not the teachers in an nursery-school. up to a decent level, rude behaviour is tolerated.
    Enjoy the feeling that somwhere a whining kid is biting in his keyboard...

    Dorado Games
    DE - Team Lead
    Conflict of Nations

    "That was not me, it was already broken!"