reborn countries

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    • reborn countries


      in lots of games countries play the role of the aggressor, conquering and annexing large chunks of land until the former country is unrecognizable
      or suffer enough damage to look like shadows of their former selves
      i suggest optional premade name change to the country in case it fulfills certain conditions,
      like if italy is reduced to less than 3 cites and one of the cites is rome it can be renamed to rome.
      or if insurgency takes over china they can be renamed to "the three kingdoms" (something from the past of china)
      nothing too crazy, nothing too long, not ideology based optional and premade by the game creators
      can even come with nice lines like:"the people (insert nation here) see the conquest of the enemy and know it is time to fight back, some have suggested starting the change by renaming (insert nation here) to (new name)"
      A Third War Approaches, and the Strong Will Rise from the Corpses.
      A New Order... CHAOS

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