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    • It's not at random and it's not at the end of the day either. In some cases they might not spawn at all, in other cases they may respawn in a few hours. This is because if they spawn or not it is based on a chance %. The higher the percentage the higher chance they will Spawn quickly possibly even within the hour if the chance is really high. You can even find out if the chance is low or high in the city information tab.

      You can have a good idea of how long before the insurgent will spawn by that info button. A low percentage, it could be 24 hours or never.
      A high percentage it could be within the hour or a few hours. So it's not at random it's based on the chance percentage. I admit I learned this
      the hard way and used to think it was at random and pulled some hair over it. I know the feeling. Then one day I clicked that info button
      and saw it and oh, I realized I was doing it all wrong.

      A little tip: AA tanks, recon tanks and AFV's are very effective at holding off insurgencies by 1 single unit. leave one of those
      behind to stop the insurgent attack from taking back the city. Always attack one country at a time never 2 or more at a time
      because your overall national morale does have an effect on the percentage chance of insurgencies.The lower your national
      morale percentage the greater the insurgent chances will be. 70%+ morale in your naitions info tab in the diplomacy tab
      is good and will give you a lower insurgent chance. Attacking 1 nation only below 70% is not so good and below 66% is bad
      especially if you have a war on with more than 1 nation. Keep it war with 1 nation at a time only and your insurgent chance
      will be lower which means less chance of insurgent damage and faster conquers. :)
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      If war is inevitable so to is peace. If all you want is war, you're probably not going to succeed at it in the long run!
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    • abdelrahman wrote:

      Thanks very much for ur information I knew about the ratios I just wondered when was this ratio evaluated I mean when does the game flip the coin every day or hour.
      but I believe it`s every hour based on your speech.
      Really thanks what is new to me that total nation morale It`s of great help thanks
      Ya I hear ya and ya it's like maybe IDK for sure, every minute. Totally depends on the strength of your nations morale and how much low morale conquered territories you have. So the higher your nations morale the faster your morale recovery on conquered territories and homeland.
      which I believe does affect the insurgent % chance. Some players however push nation morale below 50% because they use gold to boost the morale. Another good trick among others. Have fun!
      If war is inevitable so to is peace. If all you want is war, you're probably not going to succeed at it in the long run!
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    • The insurgents took back the city and finally I defeated the insurgents (again). City is still red coloured and the morale is 25%. The issue is it is still showing the war symbol (in the city details when clicking over it) and it is still surrounded by red fence (meaning is still not part of my country). I have 3 fantery units parked there. I guess I have to wait few days. Anyadvice is welcomed. Thx.
    • Thx for reply. It wasn't a visual glitch as they popped up once again at day change. When I defeated them for the 3rd time, finally the city map turned into green. Now I have 4 motorized infantry units, 1 tank and 1 rec/com unit stationing in the city. Added also a hospital and recruit center. Morale is 35% (rising), uprising level is 28,2%.
    • Also remember that in a newly conquered city with a morale of 25% can have a 0% insurgency chance. The deciding factor is your unit stack's DEF RATING that is currently occupying the city. Right now in a game of Flashpoint, I am Russia and have just conquered Grodno from the Baltic States. Its current morale is 25%, BUT, I have 2 tanks and mech. inf., and 4 NatG, all of which are lvl 2 or higher. The unit stacks DEF is 42. That is considerably high and when insurgencies pop up it is usually only 1 or 2 units, so why go into a losing fight? They won't, 0% chance of insurgency. I tried attaching a screenshot to show you but it would not let me upload, I can now only suggest you try for yourself and see. Now that you know you can easily keep rebels from attacking your newly occupied cities. The only downside is you have to let these units sit in said city until its above 33%, but sometetimes you can get away with leaving and the morale still rise without insurgency. You just have to check and make the best decision. If you are at war with a lot of other countries, it will be difficult to raise without units there, but the higher it goes the less units you need to keep there. I like to build hospitals in some cities to raise morale and get bonus healing while i have to let my units sit there.
      The art of war is chess, not checkers. Don't rush all your pawns into the fray leaving your king undefended.
    • okay, i just want to clarify some things:

      - Insurgents may pop up at daychange
      - if they pop up or not is random depending on the morale of the city.
      - cities aboce 33% morale are safe
      - max one Insurgent spawns per city per day
      - you can put units in the cities to lower the chance of Insurgents.
      - in this case the def rating is taken (not sure if a factor is added)
      - normally, 3xMeatshield guard lvl1 is enough for newly conquerd cities
      - Civilian casulties (esp. caused by Weapons of mass destruction) may lower Morale drasticly
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • Thanks guys for support... Infact I've noticed "on the field" that your responses matches what happened. Currently morale is 42% and unit stacks DEF is 29. So the City should be safe. Currently at war only with "insurgents", no other fronts opened also because I am building up more units.

      AquariusRisin85 & Fereyd comments should be put in the game's instructions :thumbup:
    • That would be outside of the parameters - not saying it didn't happen mind you ;)
      The ways of this game are indeed complex and if there even is something such as a infinitely minute chance it will eventually happen.

      Just to clarify: Under normal conditions there will not be insurgencies beyond 33% . So once you reach 34% you should in theory be safe(TM).

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