World congress and resolution

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    • World congress and resolution

      The world congress would be an event organizated all 4 in-game day. Basically, one nation organize this congress and make two propositions. Other nations have to vote against or in favour or abstention if he don t vote. To organize the world congress, nations put their candidature. Members of security concil can organise more than one time in game. Non member just can organize one time. Other nations have to vote for the organizer.

      Example of proposition :
      - Tax on professionnal army : increase the maintenance cost of units (we can decline for each type of units like infantry/planes...)
      - Non proliferation of massive destructions weapons : increase cost of nuclear bomb
      - University world exchange program : diminue the cost a research
      - Embargo on a nation : to ban a nation from putting an offer for few days
      - Help to developping country : give 2% of all produced ressources to a country wich is low in the classement
      - Speculation on a ressource : decrease the production on a ressource for few days in all country...

      I let you imagine all possibilities or adapt
    • I think you have this game mistaken with another, perhaps Civ, where there are multiple paths to victory. There is only one in this one. Adding more victory paths would require, imho, a complete overhaul of the system.
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    • Th for your response

      Inspired by civ yes but i was not proposing another way to win. These resolution would just help some players or orientate military strategies. For example, if a resolution increase the cost of a type of unit, players will have to adapt there strategies.

      The diplomacy will be a soft-power wich is used to obtain the military advantages. (in addation to coalition wich is less dynamic)
    • I like your idea, but it's not for this game. It would be for an game that would be more an "nation-sim" game, where CoN is really focused on warfare and not anything else
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    • OneRandomPlayer wrote:

      Perhaps we can implement it after the game is ported to mobile?
      It seems the consensus, as well as obvious & common sense, is that, while this is a good idea in general, it is not meant for this game, where there is only one objective: war!
      "Any of you *uckin' pricks move, and I'll execute every mother*uckin' last one of ya!" - Honey Bunny
    • we hat already the proposal, that research speed or research slots will be tied to the secret weapons labs...
      afaik this is somwhere on the list,...
      as everything major, things like that will be worked on after mobile goes live...
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • While I welcome the discussions, as others have pointed out some points don't fit in with the core vision of CoN. Other aspects such as faster research were to the detriment of our business model. This would also touch incredibly on the current balance, as research needs to be weighed very heavily and is a big investment on a strategic level. While balancing is not a stopper, it needs to be considered as balance itself is a very very delicate area, and the boat will be rocked so-to-speak, acting as a domino effect. The take away here is that it's affected monetization negatively.
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    • When I started to play CoN i had also strong habits from Civ-like games and I felt something is really missing here. 8)

      But after some time spend on the forum I realized that many awesome things can be done here focusing mostly on battle experience... For example:
      • Airborne infantry jump from Carrier,
      • naval blockade stance,
      • quick disembarkation of Marines/Amph,
      • customized doctrines / unit variants
      • custom starting units,
      • additional control buttons,
      • mine fields,
      • lootable warheads,
      • exploding launchers,
      • fog of war everywhere,
      • weather conditions,
      • night/day phase,
      • arms market,
      • satellites,
      • true stealth,
      • techs for transport units
      • cargo units
      • ...
      and probably lot more. :whistling:

      ( who cares for civ5 congress )
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